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Jul 30, 2018

Have you ever felt yourself changing in order to fit in? This week on Embracing Intensity, I talk about experiences of past guests and myself of being social chameleons and examine when it becomes a problem and when it can be a positive thing. 

In this episode:

  • I share about my experience at the SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted) conference where I spoke last weekend.
  • 3 Types of social chameleons I've observed.
  • Thoughts on the difference between "fitting in" and "belonging"


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Jul 23, 2018

Do you suffer from ADHD and feel that it holds you back from reaching your full potential? Today we have Clinton Fetters on the show and he, as a husband and father, really understands how hard it is to feel that everyone else wants you to be linear, in a zig-zag world. Clinton would really love to live in a world where adults with ADHD can come out from the shadows and share their greatness with everyone around them. Listen in today to find out what he has to share.

Clinton works in a lumberyard by day, as a supervisor. He also aims to help adults with ADHD reach their potential through his personal brand, Distractonaut. In his free time, you will find him watching horror movies with his wife, playing board games with his daughter, or over-analyzing something in the corner! Recently, Clinton threw caution to the wind and began challenging himself daily, by creating talking videos on Instagram. Listen in to find out more.

More in this episode:

  • Clinton explains what he is intensely passionate about.
  • What caused Clinton to look deeper into himself and start Distractonaut.
  • Adjusting to, and coping with change when carving a path of your own.
  • What Clinton's particular brand of intensity looks like.
  • How Clinton's intensity affected him while growing up.
  • Why it's difficult sometimes for people with ADHD to be identified as gifted.
  • Cultural factors that affected Clinton while growing up.
  • Clinton's conscious decision to force his parents to send him to school.
  • How Clinton managed to intentionally tone himself down, over the years.
  • How much Clinton accidentally lost, from trying to fit into a mold.
  • The doubts and fears that Clinton experienced when he was first married.
  • Lessons that he learned about open communication in a relationship.
  • A lesson that Clinton learned about controlling his impulses.
  • How Clinton uses his fire for good.
  • How practicing meditation has really worked for Clinton.
  • The benefits of keeping a journal.
  • A book that Clinton keeps coming back to.
  • How Clinton helps other people to use their fire.
  • For the worksheet that Clinton has created for people who struggle with taking the next step, go to his website


Aurora's website: Embracing Intensity

Clinton's website:


Book mentioned on the show: The One Thing by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan

Jul 16, 2018

This week on Embracing Intensity, I head to the SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted) conference in San Diego! I also discuss what's coming up in the next couple of months.

In this episode, I share:

  • An overview of my upcoming talk, which I will share on a call in August.
  • Topics for the next two group calls for Patrons.
  • Why next week's interview episode is notable. 
Jul 9, 2018

Do you have a message to share with the world? Rukshana was once unable to share her message, but she now not only sharing her message but is paving the way for others to do so, as well. Rukshana shares what it is like to be a former refugee and immigrant from Mozambique. Tune in to this week’s episode to hear Rukshana’s story.

Rukshana is CEO of her women’s coaching business where she is able to help women overcome their rough pasts and create their desired, beautiful lives through nature retreats and various online coaching programs and communities. This week’s Embracing Intensity show is one you will not want to miss! 

More in this episode:

  • Learn what Rukshana experienced in a refugee camp.
  • Rukshana shares how she turned the negative experiences of abuse in a refugee camp to positivity.
  • Rukshana shares what prompted her to speak up for herself.
  • Move beyond unresolved issues and love yourself.
  • Rukshana tells us how having children made her closely examine her life’s purpose.
  • Learn how Rukshana improved her overall health, including getting off prescription medications.
  • Rukshana shares how it is ok to be vulnerable.
  • Understand your body!
  • Meditation can be used as an important tool.
  • Learn how personally experiencing nature can change your life.
  • Rukshana shares how she helps others find their passion and helps them verbalize it to others.
  • Rukshana shares how simplifying your life can benefit you. 


The Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod, was a helpful book for Rukshana.

Rukshana’s Facebook Page

A Women’s Lifestyle Community, Rukshana’s group on Facebook

Rukshana’s Website

Instagram Page

Twitter Page

Jul 3, 2018

Do you have so many things you want to do that you don't know how to decide what to focus on? You are definitely not alone! This has been a theme this week for me both in coaching and my League of Excitable Women Facebook Group. This week, I touch on the three main things I consider when I decide what to focus on and share a few resources I've created in the past.

In this episode:

  • How do the choices affect your stress and energy?
  • How do they align with your purpose and values?
  • What has the most impact for the least amount of effort?


First solo episode On Paralyzing Abundance

Blog post on Energy Balance

Blog post on Tools for Prioritization

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Jun 25, 2018

Are you reclaiming your life now that your babies have grown into young children? Nisha is doing that, and so she's intensely passionate about finding herself in everything that she does these days!  She's also passionate about her children, her family and their religion and she really like to be sure that whatever that she does feeds her because her youngest child is four now, and so Nisha is re-possessing herself and getting back into being human! Listen in to find out more!

Nisha is a member of the Karuk Tribe, from California. She helps her husband run his tattoo shop, she's busy building a business with her sister and her husband and she takes care of her live-in grandmother too. Additionally, she manages her children, who all model, and she's one of the dance-leaders for their tribal ceremony in northern California. Listen in today to find out what Nisha has to share!

More in this episode:

  • Nisha explains what her personal brand of intensity looks like.
  • How Nisha's intensity affected her while growing up.
  • Growing up with an identical twin sister.
  • Some cultural factors that have affected Nisha's intensity.
  • Going to College in Oregon was a big culture shock.
  • The intensity of growing up on tribal land.
  • Giving her children a tribal connection.
  • Tuning out and learning to relax and live in the moment.
  • What happens when things get too intense.
  • Knowing how to give the children the very best opportunities for success.
  • Figuring out what it takes to really feel successful.
  • Why Nisha started making jewelry again.
  • Nisha was also a photographer long ago.
  • Getting to know that you can do the hard things!
  • Learning a difficult lesson- that if you're not doing what you value, you're valuing the wrong things.
  • Some books that have had a big influence on Nisha.
  • Being a great role model for your kids.
  • Remembering that nobody's life is perfect.
  • The importance of educating yourself.


Nisha's husband's tattoo website: Tattoo 34 P.D.X

Or  find Nisha at BaDundle

Jun 18, 2018

Have you ever had to switch gears to keep doing what you love? This week, I share my plans for the next year and moving forward.

In this episode:

  • Why we sometimes need to switch gears to keep doing what we love. 
  • What I'm focusing on for the next year. 
  • How you can help support the sustainability of this podcast


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Jun 11, 2018

Do you know kids living on the fringes? Kids living on the fringes are the passion of today’s guest, Heather Boorman. Heather is a writer, public speaker, podcaster and  Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Heather is the founding member and therapist at Boorman Counseling, LLC in Western Wisconsin. Additionally, Heather serves on the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin Association for the Gifted and Talented. Heather will be speaking with Aurora at the San Diego Emotional Needs of the Gifted  (SENG) Conference in July.

Heather is the co-host of the Fringy Bit Podcast and has a book, The Gifted Needs Workbook, coming out August 1. I hope to have some copies available for pre-release at the SENG Conference. Heather is a homeschool mom to three fringy kids which further fuels her advocacy for kids living on the fringes.

More in this episode: 

• Being real is freeing!

• Chances are that you contributed to the giftedness of your children.

• Claim your own giftedness.

• Until we can model our giftedness, misperceptions by others will continue to exist.

• Confidence comes from really knowing yourself; faults and positive traits.

• Intensity for adults may mean going “full in”. 

• Gifted children may process themselves inwardly.

• Internal intensity may make deep connections with others difficult.

• Children need the security to be/express themselves.

• Culture may inhibit one’s ability to express himself. 

• Mindfulness helps me have peace and calm.

• Introverts need personal time to be able to focus on themselves.

The Fringy Bit Podcast helps you to you understand your own/ kids’ fire.

• Everyone struggles with doubts and fears.



How to donate to help keep the podcast going via Patreon: 

The Fringy Bit Podcast 

The Fringy Bit Episode with Aurora

SENG Conference 

Boorman Counseling 

Wherever You Go, There You Are, by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Living With Intensity, by Susan Daniels and Michael M. Piechowski

Self Reg, by Dr. Stuart Shanker

Connect with Heather:



Jun 4, 2018

Do you often find yourself questioning your own gifts? This week on Embracing Intensity, I talk about how many of the most gifted are often the ones most full of doubts. 

In this episode:

  • I share different ways imposter syndrome manifests itself. 
  • How many of the most unhappy people I know are gifted people who did not have their needs met. 
  • Why it's important to talk about giftedness so that others can connect and learn about themselves. 


The Fringy Bit Podcast with Me

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May 21, 2018

Do you worry that if you say what you really think, you wouldn't be being nice? This week on Embracing Intensity, I talk about why instead of worrying about being nice, what we should really focus on is being kind.

In this episode, I talk about: 

  • The definitions of nice and kind. 
  • Why we should stop trying to be nice. 
  • How to shift to being kind instead. 


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May 14, 2018

You have a gift that the world needs, and by embracing your intensity, you are on your way to transforming lives. Sometimes, all it takes for us to fully embrace our intensity is simply to act. My guest today took that step both figuratively and literally.

I am so excited to bring today’s guest, Shannon Milliman, to your ears. Shannon has fully embraced the power of her intensity, and she is on a mission to inspire through her larger-than-life personality and the power of theater. Shannon’s one-woman show, “Not So Supernova,” is on its way to Portland, and Shannon knows that this bit of theater is more than just a creative project. Shannon’s show is the full expression of her own intensity, faith, and memories, and it is designed to inspire the audience to act on their dreams.

In today’s episode, Shannon and I will discuss why helping passionate people is such a worthy cause. Shannon believe that we find our purpose when we embrace our gifts, and she is modeling that through her show. This opens us up to discuss how theatre showcases diverse perspectives while also bringing people together. Shannon has found that being both a practicing Mormon and an intense individual is a powerful combination, and she wants to open up her life to the rest of the world.

I am so glad I took the time to get to know someone new. Shannon is teaching me to say “Yes!” to the improvisation that life brings. What is your gift you are bringing to the world? How can you say “Yes!” today?

More in this episode:

  • I share all about how Shannon and I were meant to be on the podcast together.
  • Shannon tells us why she feels like she has so much to share right now.
  • Why theater was the perfect place for Shannon to express her creativity.
  • Intensity to Shannon feels like momentum and drive.
  • How Shannon was dealing with her intensity as a child and teenager.
  • What being a practicing Mormon means for Shannon’s intensity.
  • You can’t take out your cultural fibers.
  • Shannon shares why having spiritual bandwidth is essential for creativity.
  • Never forget the power that you have.
  • Shannon roots her confidence in her connection to the Divine.
  • The best advice anyone gave Shannon was all about adaptability and finding the humor in life.
  • Reading good literature helps Shannon channel her new ideas.
  • Shannon’s personality loves connection.
  • Shannon helps others use their fire by inspiring them to be big and bold.

Shannon Recommends

East of Eden by John Steinbeck


Shannon Online

Not So Supernova - Get tickets here!


Marco Polo

May 7, 2018

Do you ever go to great lengths to avoid discomfort? On this week's episode of Embracing Intensity, Aurora talks about why in order to heal, both personally and as a world, we need to learn to sit with discomfort. 

In this episode, Aurora shares:

  • What happens when we avoid discomfort.
  • Why we have to fall apart to come together to form a more integrated whole.
  • Moving from the conflict of what is and what ought to be to the challenge of what could be.


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As a part of getting out of our comfort zones, I have been putting together tools for self-exploration on my Patreon page, and put together this free retreat planner to help you create your own self-exploration retreat. 

Apr 30, 2018

You can own your gifts and use them in a positive way to change the world. The best way to start is to be inspired, and that is why Jaya Rose is here today. I really appreciate Jaya’s energy and online presence. She is very clearly Gifted and Intense, and her recent rebranding to focus on multi-passionate entrepreneurs is a great example of someone who has fully embraced her talents.

Jaya and I had the chance to sit down and share so many great nuggets about owning your intensity and sharing it with the world. It is clear that when you hold back your gifts, you are not just doing yourself a disservice but everyone else who might benefit from it as well. Jaya is shaping the world by offering up her services to anyone who identifies as multipassionate. Jaya is a transformational speaker and business coach with a heart of service. She is on a mission to help creative entrepreneurs identify what they only can offer the world and how they can get that message to as many people as possible.

My hope is that Jaya inspires you to keep pursuing your passion! When you do, you might just change the world.

More in this episode:

  • Jaya tells us all about her exciting rebrand!
  • Why highly intuitive is such a huge part of high sensitivity.
  • To enhance the positive, we need to acknowledge the negative.
  • What happens when you combine sensitivity with drive.
  • Jaya’s mom really nurtured her sensitivity, and her experiences growing up are incredibly enlightening.
  • We need to communicate what we are needing.
  • The after-effects of toning yourself down on your relationships.
  • Mediocrity is not suffering!
  • How Jaya learned to fully own her High Sensitivity.
  • The impact of high sensitivity on parenting.
  • Jaya uses her intensity to help others express their passions.
  • Jaya needed a lot of mindset work to build up the next level of her business.
  • Learn how Jaya modeled the behaviors of alignment.
  • How Jaya conducts a coaching session.
  • The habits that help Jaya stay aligned.
  • More about how Jaya helps people use her fire in a positive way.

Jaya Recommends

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert



Jaya Online

Apr 23, 2018

Do you like to start fires, but not really to tend them? A lot of gifted and creative people enjoy the spark of starting new things, but not so much maintaining them. How do you keep the fire burning without burning out?

In this episode:

  • Aurora shares what helps her tend her own flame.
  • Not all activities are equal when it comes to what drains or energizes you. 
  • Systematize so you can spend more time creating and less time maintaining. 


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Apr 16, 2018

What does it mean to be mindful in the modern era? Mindfulness is a tool that many Intense Women use to harness their inner fire, and my guest Danielle Savory is no exception. Danielle is a local Portland friend who I’ve been running into for years. The more I followed her work, the more I knew I had to have her on the show. Danielle epitomizes what it means to be Gifted and to embrace multiple potentials. I cannot wait for you to hear all about the work she is doing to bring mindfulness into a modern context.

Danielle is a Master Certified Life Coach who helps busy women reduce stress in their lives. Her approach to “Modern Mindfulness” cleverly blends both a skeptic’s healthy analysis with a spiritual acceptance of the unknown. She is bringing ancient wisdom to the masses that is also backed by neuroscience. The results speak for themselves: women who work with Danielle experience so much personal growth! Today, Danielle is going to tell us how her mindfulness practice has been an essential part of how she harnesses her inner fire. She will remind us to accept all parts of ourselves, even the “bad” ones! Danielle’s intense feelings are a gateway to her true self, and I am so thankful she is here to share that message with you today!

More in this episode:

  • Danielle shares why she is so passionate about mindfully raising her daughters and teaching mindfulness to the world at large.
  • Women need a space to be safe among other women. Danielle is creating that by working with the “Mean Girls.”
  • When we let go of self-judgment, we let go of our tendency to compare ourselves to other people.
  • Danielle shares her childhood experiences and how perceptions from her family have shaped her view of the world.
  • Bullying experiences really influence our adult decisions.
  • What happens when we get wrapped up in our victim of circumstance story.
  • Danielle learned how to enjoy her “bad” emotions.
  • Danielle uses her inner fire to help others process their big emotions through mindfulness.
  • Meditation practice has been essential for Danielle lately.
  • Use the power of “Of Course.”
  • Danielle helps us with our inner critic.

Danielle Recommends

Self Compassion by Kristin Neff

Women’s Anatomy by Sherri Winston


Danielle Online

Instagram @DSavory_ModernMindfulness

Free Retreat Planne

Apr 9, 2018

Are you fully immersed in the moment or do you let thoughts of what you SHOULD be doing get in your head when you should be enjoying yourself? Contaminated time is when different parts of your life bleed in to each other so you can't focus your energy on what you are doing in the moment. 

In this episode:

  • 4 Things that have led me to have contaminated time. 
  • How to counter those contributing factors. 
  • The importance of connection. 

In this episode:

Free Retreat Planner

Essential Oil Information

Find Your Superpower

Apr 2, 2018

No one shares your unique history, lineage, and experience, so it makes sense that no one experiences intensity in quite the same way as you do! Nevertheless, we all have common ground on which we stand: we all hurt, we all experience prejudice, we all want to be known. Words have a powerful way of connecting us together while also celebrating what makes us unique. This is why I am so excited to share an interview with Leesa Renee Hall today. Her palpable energy and compassionate heart are two of the many gifts Leesa brings to the table. Most of all, Leesa celebrates the diverse ways we express and embrace our intensity.

Leesa Renee Hall is a writer, a storyteller, and an ancestry advocate. She is intensely passionate about curious inquiry, especially when we start to take some of societies biggest barriers and turn them into vehicles for self-exploration. Leesa is breaking down cultural and racial barriers by writing beautiful and provocative articles, many of which reflect her own raw thoughts and feelings as a black woman. By harnessing the power of her intensity into words, Leesa encourages us to disrupt the stories we have always told ourselves about diversity and identity. Instead, she wants us to be a little curious to discover our true identity and purpose.

Today, she is going to share some of the formative experiences that shaped Leesa into the writer and advocate she is today.  Along the way, Leesa will share incredible wisdom about breaking through our own inner oppression, and how we can find our unique voice. If you are interested in spiritual bypassing, diverse modes of activism, white fragility, and breaking through cultures of silence, Leesa has so much to offer you. Leesa is speaking up about some of the most difficult topics, but she does it in a way that invites discourse, rather than shutting down differing perspectives. We need more Leesas in the world, and that is why I feel lucky to have her on the show today!

More in this episode:

  • Leesa shares all about her intense passion for curious inquiry, raw writing, and ancestry.
  • A story about being passionate about values.
  • Our needs have to be expressed! Sometimes, we over-give.
  • Leesa explains what it is like to be a 1st generation Canadian of Jamaican descent.
  • The Jamaican culture of silence has encouraged Leesa to use her voice to express darkness as well as light.
  • We are craving something real.
  • Breaking down white fragility and Leesa’s experiences of it.
  • Leesa gives her perspective on the “non-whiteness” of intensity.
  • What it means to be a woman of color in the technology industry.
  • Stories at funerals influenced Leesa to start sharing her own journey.
  • Leesa holds communion with herself and God by writing early in every morning.
  • We need to learn to see the humanity in others.
  • It is a privilege to be heard for what we are actually trying to say.
  • You have to find your own thing to help manage the intensity.

Leesa Recommends


Dr. Robin DiAngelo teaching white fragility (a term she's coined)

The White Fragility Script (5 Part Act)

The Sovereignty of Quiet: Beyond Resistance in Black Culture by Kevin Quashie (he explores quiet as a form of intensity)

The Art of Gentle Protest by Sarah Corbett (TEDTalk)

The Power of a Positive No by William Ury

Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend

The Becky Code: How to Deal White Woman Violence While Amplifying Your Joy by Catrice M. Jackson

Antagonists, Advocates & Allies: The Wake Up Call Guide for White Women Who Want to Become Allies With Black Women by Catrice M. Jackson
White Spaces, Missing Faces: Why Women of Color Don't Trust White Women by Catrice M. Jackson

11 Lessons I Learned Writing Half a Million Words Over 365 Consecutive Days

Expressive Writing Prompts to Use to Overcome White Fragility, Spiritual Bypassing, or White Privilege

Get new expressive writing prompts to question your internal programming by joining Leesa's exclusive community


Leesa Renee Hall

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Mar 26, 2018

"We are moving out of the time of the guru." This quote from my interview with Alexandra Lewis really resonated and stuck with me. If we are moving away from gurus, what are we moving toward?

In this episode, I discuss:

  • Platforms vs. Pedestals
  • Noise vs. Signal
  • Connecting with your inner voice
  • Bringing more community and self exploration into your life. 

In this episode:

My Patreon Page:

Find Your Superpower Course


Mar 19, 2018

What is your life’s purpose? It’s certainly a loaded question, but it is precisely the question that opens up so many positive experiences in our lives. I love talking with spiritual leaders and healers who dig beyond "love and light" because they have devoted their lives to understanding life and giving it purpose. Many of them also happen to experience times of feeling like they are “too much,” and my guest today is no exception. I am delighted to introduce you to Angela Rose Fields. Angela is a fellow Portland local, spiritual healer, yoga teacher, coach, and so much more. Her life has been built with experiences that have stretched her to fully embrace her healing gifts, even if that was difficult or not accepted by her community. She dwells in the realms of spirituality and mental health, and she fully believes that those realms overlap and align in beautiful ways we haven’t seen yet.

Angela grew up in a conservative community, but her parents always encouraged her to forge her own path spiritually. Angela jokes that, even though she wanted to find her own unique purpose, she ended up following in her parents’ footsteps as a spiritual guide. From her trip to the Amazon at 16 to meet with local shamans and years traveling the world solo in search of purpose, Angela has accumulated so many life experiences that have only confirmed her desire to guide others to spiritual understanding. Angela is using her fire to teach the sensitive, intense, and empathetic how to find their purpose and harness their gifts for both the light and the dark that they are.       

Angela treats life experiences like lessons, and she embraces her gifts with an open heart. She has much to teach us about how to find our place in this world, so let’s dive in together!

More in this episode:

  • Angela shares all about her intense passion for spirituality, quantum physics, and mental health.
  • Excitable, sensitive, and extroverted, Angela often felt like she was too much.
  • Angela had a very atypical childhood, but she loved those unique life experiences.
  • Western culture doesn’t always see certain traits as desirable.
  • What we can learn from indigenous cultures.
  • Angela shares the beginning of her energetic awakenings.
  • Angela has learned how to connect to and harness energy.
  • Yoga practice has been an enormous help for Angela.
  • The best advice Angela has ever been given.
  • Angela is always thinking long and hard about her extremes
  • We can use every gift for good.
  • Speak through intuition and alignment.
  • Angela is helping others use their fire by speaking to the darkness and facing issues they are working through.
  • Angela’s group program, Access Intuition, is 6 weeks for the empathetic and highly sensitive. 


Angela Recommends

Baghavad Gita

Light is the New Black

Connect with Angela Search “Embracing Intensity”

Mar 13, 2018

Do you spend to much time thinking and not enough time doing? This week, Aurora talks about things that have gotten in the way of taking action and ways she's planning on moving forward. 

In this episode, Aurora shares:

  • A brief overview of a new approach to discourse around difficult conversations. 
  • Three big reasons many gifted and creative people hold themselves back from taking action. 
  • Four things she's doing to help herself take more action in the future. 
Mar 5, 2018

How can we use our intensity to give back? Once we have embraced our beautiful and unique intensity as the gift it is, we often find ourselves in a position of wanting to make positive changes in the world. My guest today is no exception. Olivia Baylor is a multi-disciplined therapist and counselor based out of Maryland, and she truly enjoys counseling couples before they get married. Due to her own cross-cultural background, Olivia is drawn to couples that don’t quite “fit the mold.” She discovered right away that she could use her intensity to better serve these couples by creating resources they could actually use!

Olivia’s most recent book is a pre-marital workbook designed for people of diverse backgrounds called Before “I Do”. Whether the couple comes from different ethnic, cultural, or religious backgrounds, or they are an LGBTQ+ or polyamorous couple, Olivia’s workbook will have something for them. The workbook is just a small part of Olivia’s heart to give back to her community. She wants to celebrate the diversity of love and humanity that she sees all around her. The only way to do that is by listening to her clients and creating tools that focus on what they need.

In her personal life, Olivia relies heavily on her community and her family to keep her grounded. She has so many ideas about how to change the world, but she needs to pace herself or otherwise face burnout. Olivia has a lot to teach us today about harnessing our intensity for the good of others, and how counseling and therapy can be a healthy place for nontraditional couples to grow together. We have a lot to learn from Olivia, so let’s get started!

More in this episode:

  • Olivia loves to travel and bring diverse experiences to her children.
  • Why Olivia loves to work with couples in the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Olivia’s cross-cultural upbringing has made her aware of cultural differences around her.
  • Giving back to her community is the most important driving force for Olivia’s career.
  • We need a community to help us check in with ourselves and slow down.
  • Olivia embraces her intensity by giving herself a day to not take on any extra tasks.
  • Why Olivia is the kind of person who writes the book, rather than reading them!
  • Olivia is leading the charge for more client-based literature.
  • The inspiration for Before “I Do” was her own therapy practice using worksheets.
  • The unique relationship available for polyamorous couples.
  • We need face to face communication!
  • Olivia pushes her couples to think outside the box as far as cultural norms are concerned.


Before “I Do”

Life Revisions Counseling LLC


Be on the lookout for Olivia’s Podcast!

Feb 26, 2018

Have you ever found yourself confusing drama for passion? As intense people, we can be drawn to the allure of the dramatic. In this week's episode, Aurora shares thoughts sparked by last week's interview with Alexandra Loves exploring relationships that challenge us vs. relationships that diminish us.

In this Episode, Aurora:

  • Experiments with recording through Facebook Live.
  • Shares a bit of her own history of drama and passion in relationships. 
  • Differentiates between relationships that challenge, and relationships that diminish. 
Feb 19, 2018

Love is the very fabric of the universe, and I get so excited when I see someone using their intensity to spread the love around. My guest this week is Alexandra Loves, and I actually approached a year ago to be on the show. I’m so glad we decided to wait until now, because my connection with Alexandra has grown and bloomed during that time, giving us plenty to talk about! Alexandra is a Love Attraction Coach, Intuitive Spiritual Guide, and Entrepreneur. She is on a mission to catalyze creative power, and use her intuitive spirituality to guide her clients into their best existence. In everything she does, Alexandra is all about harnessing the power of that abundant universal fabric from which everything is made, Love.

Today, Alexandra and I are talking about how intensity can be a force for good, for love, and for large-scale transformation. Because of her international upbringing, Alexandra feels comfortable talking to just about anyone. Added to that, she never felt the need for all the labels and stereotypes in the world today, yet the world seems inclined to want to place them on everyone. Rather than let that be the reason for toning herself down, Alexandra has fully embraced who she is and what she stands for. Now she is using her gifts to help people find love, find meaning, and find who they really are.

Alexandra is teaching us today how to use our intuition. Once we begin listening, nothing can hold us back, and we can only increase our impact on what is going on around us. Alexandra says it best, “We are changing the world right now.”

More in this episode:

  • Alexandra shares why she is so committed to understanding her gifts and using them for a higher purpose.
  • Alexandra is on a search of Absolute Truth, and she is OK with that definition evolving over time.
  • In love, Alexandra embraces the “Wise Beyond Her Years” label.
  • Much of Alexandra’s practice deals with reconciling gender expectations within men and women.
  • Alexandra is on a mission to help us understand the dangers instant gratification.
  • The cultural factors that have shaped Alexandra’s ability to embrace her intensity and her racial identity.
  • The segregation and racial terms that put shackles around Alexandra’s neck.
  • Alexandra toned herself down in terms of dating and intensity.
  • How Alexandra realized she couldn’t tone herself down anymore.
  • Everyone struggles under assumptions and stereotypes, and we need to be aware of that!
  • Alexandra was able to heal from a damaging relationship because of her incredible support system and her own intuition.
  • What habits Alexandra uses to fuel her fire.
  • Alexandra helps women do the hard work of diving deep within themselves.
  • Learn to recognize when you are being diminished.


Alexandra Loves

Feb 12, 2018

Do you ever get so stuck when something doesn't work how it should that you make even more work than there has to be? This week, Aurora shares an experience that reminded her to stop and pause to examine when it's time to pivot and when it's time to persist. 

In this episode, Aurora:

  • Examines her own tendency to make things more difficult than they need to be sometimes.
  • Explores the restructuring of her tools and resources so that more people can access them.
  • Shares her excitement for an upcoming interview that may well be her favorite interview yet!
Feb 5, 2018

Many Intense women often find that by toning themselves down, they also lose sight of their authentic self. When we are able to tap into our inner being, we open up the powerful tool of intuition, and it will never let us down. Today, I am delighted to bring to you a story of one woman who spent years trying to fit in by tuning her intuitive voice out, but then fully embraced herself to then bring about amazing change. This is the story of Heather Coale Schwarts, a former Psychologist turned healer and spiritual guide. Heather believes that when we tap into our inner power, we can create a life of freedom and passion for ourselves. We simply need to learn to listen to our voice of intuition.

Heather is passionate about bringing about a spiritual awakening because that is exactly what happened to her. Once she learned to express the fullness of her spirit, Heather then turned her focus towards other people. What she found was a depth of connection that rivaled any relationships she had before, and now she can explore all the wonders of this world. Heather is going to share stories of how she first looked to Psychology, rather than her own inner voice for answers. She will share the cultural impacts of being a gay woman, as well as those childhood experiences that first quieted her inner voice. At one point in her life, Heather had cut herself off from her own life force, and she began to disappear.

Not wanting anyone else to fade, Heather is sharing her wisdom and light with you today. She is one fiery woman who embraces passion and encourages intensity. I knew from the early days of this podcast that her story would fit right into our community of intense, passionate guests. It’s time to stop tuning out your own voice, and trust your intuition!

More in this episode:

  • Heather shares her story of finding the freedom to fully express herself.
  • Learning to “make it” is less about what the world has to offer, and more the inward passion to fuel you there.
  • Learn to listen to the intuitive voice rather than the fear voice.
  • Heather is intensely passionate and enthusiastic. She drives herself.
  • How meditation practices can help you tap into your own energy and intuition.
  • There is a metaphysical spiritual approach to the work Heather does that allows others to experience beyond their feelings.
  • Growing up, Heather had several intense experiences that led her to express her voice.
  • Heather shares how her experiences as a gay woman led to toning herself down and keeping her life a secret.
  • When Heather was a therapist, she had to tone down her intensity all the time.
  • What Heather does when her intensity gets out of control.
  • Heather identifies as a Fire-type person. Hear how it fuels her own brand of intensity.
  • Being true and nourishing to herself has allowed Heather to harness her inner fire.
  • Heather connects to other people through a different avenue now that she knows herself.
  • Discover how intuitive visualization, Reiki healing, and play have led Heather to a healthy lifestyle.
  • The role of laughter in a full life.
  • Heather helps women connect to their greatness by acknowledging sensitivity, and then grounding them with intuitive and energetic strategies.


Heather Online

Authentic Sensitive

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