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Jan 29, 2018

Do you ever get so busy you lose connection with yourself? In this digital day and age it is so easy to get caught up in information overload and business. This week, Aurora talks about the importance of stopping to pause when we get so caught up in our heads, so we can reconnect with our bodies and our intuition. 

In this episode:

  • Aurora shares her story about how she did not officially get diagnosed with ADHD - again.
  • The importance of pausing when we start to get caught up in all we have to do. 
  • How you can access her first collaborative Winter Retreat Module for free.
Jan 22, 2018

So often, we see creativity, spirituality, and social justice as three separate spaces with only a little overlap. Today, I am challenging you to think of the three as inherently connected. That is the amazing perspective my guest, Sharon Burton, uses to harness her inner fire using her creativity, spirituality, and desire for social justice. I first connected with Sharon through a podcasting group, and I was immediately taken with her story. Sharon’s head, heart, and spirit are all connected in a special way that I know you need to hear about today.                              

Sharon is most comfortable with the title of “Artist.” While collage and mixed media are her tools of choice, Sharon delights in helping others find their own unique path to self-expression. Sharon has been curating a number of exhibitions since ’06, as well as doing some consulting work with novice art collectors. She is most definitely intensely passionate about helping artists through creative recovery. Her podcast, Mindfully Creative, is one of the many ways she is looking to jumpstart creativity. Whether someone is just starting out or looking for a fresh take on their art, Sharon is right there, guiding and cheering you on.

Sharon’s creative mission doesn’t stop with coaching and podcasting. She is also a huge advocate for art education, and she loves working with young people on developing a creative spirit. Her artistic activism also fueled her desire to help others find spiritual healing as well as justice. She is also a Reiki healer, which allowed Sharon to fully express every facet of her loving and warm inner being. Today, Sharon is going to share the cultural influences of her creativity and activism, as well as all the unique situations where spirituality and the arts combine. If you are looking for a warmth and inspiration, look no further than Sharon Burton.

More in this episode:

  • Growing up with a vivid imagination nurtured Sharon’s intense passion for creativity.
  • Intensity is about creating art, giving a voice to kids, and growing the arts across DC.
  • Sharon shares all the ways she is using her intensity to make a positive change in the world.
  • Practice the things that bring you joy.
  • Sharon shares her thoughts on growing up in one of the only black families in a mostly white neighborhood.
  • Why it’s important to get out of your own bubble and experience the world from someone else’s perspective.
  • Sharon’s motivation for coaching in the fine arts.
  • Why Sharon became a Reiki practitioner.
  • Despite being intense, Sharon gives off a calm presence. She shares how her demeanor ebbs and flows.
  • A story of stepping down, stepping away, and exercising control in life’s out-of-control moments.
  • Art and creativity can be used as a change for good, and Sharon uses her intensity to encourage that in so many people!
  • Using meditation and yoga are two habits Sharon uses to fuel her creativity.
  • Never apologize for your intensity.


Sharon Recommends:

The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte


Connect with Sharon Online

Instagram and Twitter @SJBCreativeArt

Mindfully Creative Podcast

Instagram @SparkYourCreative

Twitter @Spark_Create

Jan 15, 2018

Do you use the new year as an opportunity to reset? The last year has been one of much introspection for Aurora as she connected more with her intuition to guide her in her next steps to best meet the diverse needs of her audience. 

This week on Embracing Intensity, she is exited to share what she has in store for 2018!

In this episode, Aurora shares:

  • About her business journey so far. 
  • How she started to move away from what she thought she "should do" to listening to what felt intuitively aligned.
  • Why it's important to occasionally step away and unplug for a while. 
Jan 8, 2018

The Gifted community is filled with a diverse collection of beautiful individuals making their mark on the world as no one else can. In an effort to showcase the cultural diversity as well as the neurodiversity within Gifted and Intense individuals, I came across Silver Huang, a self-proclaimed “Neuromaverick” who is working tirelessly to make the Gifted community aware and inclusive. Silver has been hard at work to embrace the very core of who she is, and is just now emerging from within her own personal revolution. For anyone who has ever felt atypical, out of place, or even out of touch with who they really are, Silver has a message for you!

Raised in Singapore, and educated in Australia, Silver has never really felt like she belonged. Her culture told her she was too much. Her inability to perform in school told her she was dumb. With all of these mixed messages, it’s no wonder her body and mind shut down on her! To complicate the narrative even further, Silver had no idea she was on the Autism spectrum until just a few years ago. Her Gifted assessment is even newer, occurring within just these past months. These two acknowledgments of her own neurodiversity seemed to open up the floodgates of self-realization. Silver doggedly pursued ways that she could embrace who she was inside. She took her identity as Gifted very seriously, and now she is building a community around her ideals of integrity and authenticity. Her mission is to support any individual who has felt out of step

Listen this week as Silver shares her amazing journey towards self-love. Whether you are loving yourself right now, or simply coming to terms with your own intensity, Silver’s insights will speak right to your core. No one can stop you from being you except you. Your healing can begin right now.

More in this episode:

  • Silver’s life is incredibly different now that she knows about her Autism and Giftedness.
  • Struggling with new diagnoses, trauma recovery, and a new sense of self all within the past year.
  • Silver started an experiment that changed everything in three months.
  • The amazing reconnection Silver experienced with her parents.
  • Self-love and self-compassion allow us to see on the outside what we need on the inside.
  • Silver’s views on integrity and authenticity.
  • It is possible to be who you are as a Gifted person.
  • The work it takes to heal our inner children.
  • The cultural factors that limited Silver’s expression.
  • Silver tried to “pass for normal,” and it destroyed her immune system.
  • How we can grapple with and find community with other Gifted individuals.
  • Intensity expresses itself in Silver through self-mastery.
  • Digital apps and systems allow Silver to manage and support her brain.
  • Silver describes her unique and sensational thoughts.
  • We send love to the people who save our lives.
  • We are not here to be liked. We are here to celebrate the expression of ourselves.

Silver Recommends

Awareness by Anthony de Mello

The Complex PTSD Workbook by Arielle Schwartz 


Connect with your Neuromaverick

Join in the Intrepid Integrity Community

Nov 27, 2017

Do you cycle between sprinting and then crashing? As intense people we have a tendency to go all in and then crash when we hit the finish line, but what happens when there's not a finish line?

This week, Aurora shares:

  • How stepping back from busyness can help us come back with better systems in place to be more productive.
  • Encouragement for you to rest and take care of yourself during the holiday season.
  • Why she's taking a month break from the podcast to rest and regroup. 


Find Your Superpower

League of Excitable Women

Nov 20, 2017

A message for any woman who has felt marginalized, shut down, or shut out: you are not alone in this world. Today, I have for you a message of empowerment and strength from a new connection, Melissa Danielle. Embracing Intensity is all about bringing together women from all stages and walks of life to share their perspective on what it means to be an Intense or Excitable Woman. It is such a treat to have Melissa on the show today because she brings a breath of life and perspective we haven’t explored as much on the podcast.  Melissa is a coach, advocate, and podcaster who speaks to the wounds and setbacks women face due to flaws in the system. Her podcast, Diary of a Too Much Woman, deals with issues like sexism, the Mother Wound, feminine energy, and rediscovering identity head-on. She is on a mission to show women they are as great as they dare to be, while also giving them tools to fully express their innermost desires.

As a guest today, Melissa candidly shares her wild passions, her hardest challenges, and her brave explorations into what it means to be a woman. She will also dive into unique cultural challenges she faces as a black American woman, healing from wounds and trauma as a result of cultural stigmas, and how she has learned to embrace her identity. Are you prepared to fight for your sense of self? Give this episode a listen and see what you’ve been missing.

More in this episode:

  • Melissa shares her dynamic life that arose from her multiple passions and joys.
  • Ways that women can help each other shine and show up.
  • Knowing our cycles and listening to our bodies is a great way to embrace intensity.
  • Our bodies react to the experiences that shape us. Melissa explains how the body holds onto trauma.
  • Cultural conditioning based on race and gender can take their toll on your physical and emotional health.
  • Labels, identity, and showing up as who you are in society.
  • Melissa shares the times where she felt too big and too much.
  • Combining training and her own inner work, Melissa coaches women to embrace their power and integrity.
  • Ways to explore the feminine energies.
  • Advice for handling life and getting what you want, and habits for using your fire.
  • Truth and Desire Lab, plus other ways Melissa can help you use your fire.

Melissa Recommends

The Four Agreements

Women Who Run With the Wolves

The Desire Map

Overcoming Underearning

Mama Day

Connect with Melissa Online

Check out the Diary of a Too Much Woman Podcast:

Listen to the Fringy Bit Podcast

Nov 14, 2017

Have you ever felt afraid of your own power? This week Aurora shares about an experience she had this week that that brought up this quote from Marianne Williamson:

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?"

Nov 6, 2017

Have you ever felt unworthy? Like you didn’t belong on this planet? I think we all can struggle with the feeling that we don’t belong, but as Intense Women, it can be an extra heavy weight. Our society teaches us that we do not belong in the world at large, and many leaders are trying to take back that narrative! Today, we are bringing to you the empowering and inspiring leadership of Thais Sky, who wants nothing more than to remind you that you are valuable.

Thais is a leader, a blogger, a coach, and now, a podcaster! Her new podcast, called “Reclaim,” is all about the systematic influences that tell women they are not “enough.” Her perspective is quite unique: she was born in Brazil, grew up in Japan, and then immigrated to the U.S. where her cultural differences were stark. This unusual cultural clash led to a crisis of identity and a sense of displacement that followed her into adulthood. Her journey to healing and acceptance of her unique heritage led Thais to spiritualism. She loved the inner work she was doing but found that instead of confronting her issues, it only clouded them.

Now, Thais works to encourage women to lean into challenges, to embrace the dark as well as the light, and to work with your community to overcome issues. So much of our inner work happens in a vacuum, but Thais does not see it that way. Her work is inspiring, and so is this interview! You will not be disappointed.

More in this episode:

  • Thais shares her personal struggles about why women feel unworthy.
  • How experiences as an immigrant and an outsider led Thais to her spiritual journey of belonging.
  • Having an international family and living in cultures that valued a certain look, was a formative but difficult experience.
  • The understanding of “family” is very different in Brazil and the U.S.
  • Ways that you can learn to vocalize your needs and set up healthy boundaries.
  • How the pursuit of greatness can lead to a misrepresentation of your identity.
  • Opening up to feelings and spirituality rather than distracting or numbing down.
  • Thais talks intersectional feminism and taking coaching into a more collective mindset.
  • Tools that Thais uses to harness her passion and gifts.

Thais Recommends

The Heroine’s Journey by Marlene Murdoch


Connect with Thais Online


Check out the Reclaim with Thais Sky Podcast!

Oct 30, 2017

Do you ever try to push away or distract yourself from your uncomfortable thoughts and emotions? When you experience the world more intensely than others, it is tempting to try to shut down the negative. But to fully integrate we must acknowledge the whole, both the dark and the light. 

With the current trend in spirituality to focus entirely on love and light, it encourages us to keep our thoughts positive with the idea that what we think about is what manifests in our life. But if we don't face our shadow side, it will always be lurking in the background waiting to come out when something brings up our stuff.

In this episode, Aurora shares:

  • What exactly is spiritual bypassing? 
  • Why it is dangerous to ignore the dark side. 
  • How acknowledging that our feelings are temporary can help us move through dark feelings without shoving them aside. 


Find Your Superpower

League of Excitable Women


Oct 23, 2017

It’s easy to agree that everyone is different, but does anyone know what it’s like to be your brand of different? Have you ever sat down to explain it to someone before, and then been at a loss for words? Language and self-expression have such a huge influence on one another, so it is no surprise that Intensity leaves its own unique signature on how we express ourselves too! If your intensity has ever made you feel different, alone, or misunderstood, then today’s episode will speak right to your heart.

Today, we are excited to have with us Anamaria Bambaren Call, the Founder of the Gifted Culture Project. Anamaria is a Linguist who knows what it is like to be Gifted, different, and unable to express it. Anamaria is a Third Culture Kid, whose grew up feeling different, but not really knowing why. Later, Anamaria was identified as Gifted, and that began a series of experiences that led her to her study of Linguistics. Anamaria believes that everyone has a story to tell, and those stories make us stronger, more colorful and more fully known. She uses her fire to help others tell their stories and embrace their difference. There is a source of creativity and power that comes from your own unique Intensity. Anamaria expresses that truth using her beautiful words, and you will walk away inspired today.

Also in this episode:

  • Growing up as a Third Culture Kid gave Anamaria a unique perspective on what it means to be different.
  • How Sociolinguistics helped Anamaria make sense of her own formative experiences and express them.
  • Cultural factors influenced how Anamaria expressed her Giftedness.
  • We share how Gifted identification was difficult because of Language Acquisition.
  • Why self-care became an important influence in embracing intensity.
  • Inter-cultural work is important and growing every day.
  • Connecting with your kids through shared intensity.
  • Anamaria shares how her habits are always changing to meet her personal needs. 

Anamaria Recommends

Here’s Looking at Euclid by Alex Bellos

The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende

Work by Eckhart Tolle and Brene Brown.



Find Anamaria Online!

Oct 16, 2017

This week we celebrate the one year anniversary of the Embracing Intensity Podcast!

In this episode, Aurora shares:

  • Lessons learned from a year of doing the Embracing Intensity Podcast.
  • How the podcast is evolving into the next year. 
  • Other ways she is shifting her work to better meet the needs of her audience and align with her goals.


Events Calendar 

Find Your Superpower

League of Excitable Women

Oct 9, 2017

Have you ever stopped to marvel at someone’s wondrous, spiritual journey? Are you pining for a deeper spiritual or emotional connection to the world and others, but struggle to begin? You might be kindred spirits with many Intense Women who have struggled to fully express their more mystic side. The world is so wide, and sometimes it takes a little leap of faith, and maybe a ticket across the ocean, to begin to see all that the world has to offer!

Our guest today is Sarah “Sadie” McCarthy-Sitthiket, a fellow Portlander who has always been reaching for a deep connection. Her views on self-expression radically changed on a visit to Thailand. Seeing that another culture allowed her to unlock her hidden gifts, she decided to move to Thailand and take root in her own spiritualism. Now she is running the show at the Chaing Mai Community House in Thailand, where she leads people to open their heart through fine arts, Tarot readings, and her own poetic “Tarotetry.” Later this month, Sarah will be joining us at Quinn Mountain to share her knowledge of Tarot and encourage us to open our hearts and be a little curious. Sarah’s journey is one that you do not want to miss out on!          

More to explore in this episode:

  • How a love of people led Sarah to embrace other cultures.
  • Experience Sarah’s journey to Thailand.
  • Our families, no matter how supportive, can still deeply impact our spiritual journey.
  • Sacrificing your ego in order to heal it.
  • Having to learn to operate in different cultural codes is a difficult, but worthwhile discipline.
  • Learning from difficult times to sympathize with others.
  • Intensity is like riding a surfboard!
  • Sarah has learned to listen, and that has helped her transform other people’s inner power.
  • All the details you need about our Tarot Workshop!

Tarot Workshop at Quinn Mountain October 28th

Sarah Recommends:

Excuses Be Gone by Wayne Dyer

Books by Caroline Myss 

Connect with Sarah:

Chang Mai Community House Facebook Page:

Redgun Tarot:

Oct 2, 2017

Have you ever tried to force a wave? How'd that work out for you? When we are faced with intense emotions or uncertainty, it is tempting to push towards or against things, when it might be more effective to just ride the wave.

In this week's episode, Aurora shares:

  • About times she has faced the urge to force things.
  • What inspired her to "surf the waves."
  • Some of the fun things she has coming up at Quinn Mountain Retreat. 


Ignite Your Power Group Program

Tarot Workshop

Find Your Superpower

League of Excitable Women

Sep 25, 2017

Have you ever felt full of emotions, but unable to express any of them? Do you see your emotions as a superpower, or as your Achilles Heel? Intense Women tend to feel things deeply, but instead of arming ourselves with emotions we bottle them up until we explode. Those explosions are not just our problem because they can begin to influence the people around us. Relationships are hard enough without feelings getting in the way! How can we begin to use our emotions as a fuel for intimacy and a source of inner fire? 


Our guest this week is Valerie Greene, who knows just a bit about how to transform emotions into energy. Valerie grew up in a household where emotions just weren’t talked about. It wasn’t until her unexpressed emotions began to affect her relationship with her husband that she realized emotions weren’t to be feared but embraced. After her divorce, Valerie decided she was going to focus on how our fleeting feelings fuel our relationships. She’s learned that emotions have a language, and we need to use it! Now she is using her fire as a coach and mentor who helps women have fulfilling relationships. Are you ready to explore Emotional Alchemy with Valerie? Then give this episode a listen! 


Thank you to everyone who has been on this podcast journey for the past 52 episodes. In the spirit of even more celebration, the Ignite Your Power Group Program is beginning again this Fall. You do not want to miss out!


More in this episode: 

  • Valerie shares her story of learning to embrace her sensitivity. 
  • Going through a divorce allowed Valerie to fully explore the full range of her emotions. 
  • Dive into the process of Emotional Alchemy. 
  • Growing up without a language to express emotions. 
  • Valerie’s practices that help her connect to her emotions and her intensity. 
  • Strategies that a family can use to make a space for emotions. 
  • Free Video Training and resources are available from Valerie’s website. 


Valerie’s Website


Sep 18, 2017

Have you ever thought about what coaching can do for you? Have you heard about Aurora’s programs on this Podcast, or considered joining a Retreat at Quinn Mountain? Why make the investment in coaching, and how can it change your life? Sometimes, it’s best to hear from someone’s who has done it all! Meet Alesia Zorn, Aurora’s longtime client, and creative businesswoman. Alesia knew from the moment she picked up a ballpoint pen to learn cursive that she loved hand lettering and calligraphy. She had a thriving business and leadership role, but it was draining the life out of her. That changed after coaching!

Alesia is intellectually and creatively intense, and each time she signed up for a group coaching session or joins a retreat, she has learned something new about herself. Coaching has allowed Alesia to pull out the most valuable tools from Aurora’s group program, which enabled her to step out on faith and make her business work for her. Now, Alesia uses coaching to refine her business, recover and take care of herself, and embrace that intensity in a way that is changing the world with beautifully crafted words. Aurora is excited to share with you a success story that is just as much about past breakthrough as well as future growth!

Also in this episode:

  • Alesia talks about how she uses calligraphy and lettering to express her creativity.
  • Choosing clients well will lead to a more fulfilling career.
  • Coaching allowed Alesia to unlock her true joy in life and change her perspective on her business.
  • Maintaining self-care is important for creative businesspeople.
  • Recovery is important!
  • Learn how the S.T.A.R method can change your life!
  • Healthy habits that can change your day-to-day routine.
  • Alesia shares the ways coaching is an ongoing process.


Alesia’s Website

For more Resources including the Power Zone Toolkit.

Sep 11, 2017

Have you ever had an experience that made you questioned what really matters in life? Aurora did when she had to gather up her possessions for a fire evacuation. This week, we break the pattern a bit with a new emergency solo episode.

In this episode, Aurora shares:

  • Her own fire evacuation story that happened last week. 
  • The scariest moment that made her realize what really matters. 
  • How you can still join the Harness Your Power Challenge, that starts today, to help build your tools for stress management and emotional regulation. 


Team Podcast:

Harness Your Power Challenge:

Find Your Superpower:

League of Excitable Women on Facebook:

Sep 4, 2017

Do you want to help change the world, but burn yourself out in the process? You are not alone! This week, Aurora shares how it looks when you are making the most of your intensity. In order to do your best work in the world, you need to make the most of your intensity without crashing and burning.

This week:

  • Aurora shares how each of the 5 excitabilities look when well harnessed, as well as when out of control or suppressed.
  • Why it's important to harness these intensities. 
  • How you can join her upcoming free Harness Your Power Challenge and build your toolbox to stay in the harnessed zone. 


Harness Your Power Challenge:

Aurora's Website

Find Your Superpower Lessons:

Aug 28, 2017

Have you ever lived your life as a series of chapters, without realizing the connection and what you were meant to be doing? Are you reaching to try to find your calling, only to realize that you are burned up and out of traction? Your search for purpose and calling is a passionate one, and this week, Aurora has a guest who is going to help you live your life loving what you do and who you are!

Also in this week’s episode:  

  • Selena shares how women tend to underestimate our significance.
  • Battling the people-pleasing attitudes we carry with us.
  • Evaluating draining and toxic relationships.
  • Being a people-pleaser had an impact while Selena was growing up.
  • Dealing with illness and intensity.
  • The Love You More Project has impacted so many women by allowing them to be vulnerable.
  • Selena’s habits will help you love yourself in the day-to-day.

 Selena Recommends

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

The Desire Map by Daniele DePorte


Find the Love You More Project Online

Reach out to Selena (She likes to talk!)

Aurora's Website:

League of Excitable Women:

Harness Your Power Challenge:

Aug 21, 2017

Is being a parent everything you expected? With Aurora's background and skills in education and behavior supports, you'd think she'd be much more prepared for parenting than she was.

Parenting always brings surprises, but parenting an intense child as an intense parent adds additional challenges - especially as a single parent most of the time. 

In this episode:

  • Aurora shares the early signs that she had an intense child. 
  • Some of the challenges she found along the way.
  • The most important things she's learned over 9 years of intense parenting.
  • Her own next next steps in refining this whole parenting thing. 


League of Excitable Women

Find Your Superpower

Aug 14, 2017

Impossible. The world seems to throw this word at you a lot, doesn’t it? For Intense, Exceptional, Gifted, and Intuitive people, our greatest strengths are often viewed as weaknesses and disabilities. When the world tries to label your dreams impossible, what can you do to harness your fire and show the world who’s boss? Wouldn’t you like to know there’s someone who has walked that hard road before, and come out the other end burning brighter than before?  

Dr. Melanie Hayes is the founder of Big Minds Unschool, a program that allows Twice Exceptional students to thrive in their own unique gifts. Melanie is also Twice Exceptional, and she knows what it is like to be a bright fire in a world that feels too small for her. After growing up with “impossible” dreams, Melanie learned to make her vision a reality. Now she is using her fire through coaching and Big Minds to change the world. This week, she will share her stories of growing up, success through unconventionality, and wisdom to inspire you to take the word “impossible” and transform it into a force of good.

Also in this episode:   

  • Melanie grew up as an intense kid with a bit of an existential, otherworldly perspective.
  • A fascination with twice exceptional minds.
  • Working within the extremes of life, and when life doesn’t seem to want to work with you!
  • Speaking up for intense kids in schools.
  • Learning to trust yourself and your instincts.
  • Why is it so hard to recognize our gifts?
  • Overcoming fear and letting go of limitations.
  • Life-coaching a holistic being.
  • Roundabout career paths and connecting to the work you do.


Melanie Recommends

Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

Melanie’s Website

Find Melanie’s Book on Amazon!

We Tried Normal

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Aug 7, 2017

Were you the black sheep of the family or from a family of black sheep? So many intense and creative people grow up feeling like few people "get them." Aurora was fortunate to have a whole family who mostly understood her. 

In this week's episode she shares lessons learned on how to survive and thrive in an intense family, including:

  • 4 keys to successfully navigate intense families. 
  • How instead of bringing home stray dogs, they brought home stray people. 
  • The power of open communication. 


League of Excitable Women

Find Your Superpower

Embracing Intensity Unconference

Jul 31, 2017

Has the world ever sent you the message that you are too overbearing? Has your passion come across as pushy or uncaring? For Intense women, we walk a tight line between being true to ourselves and communicating effectively. When the world is already sending women the message that they need to take up less space, to be mild and meek, Intense Women have the ability to make a change. We simply need to change the terms.

If you are ready to stop these mixed messages, then take a leaf out of Jenny Shih’s book. Jenny left her run-of-the-mill corporate job to pursue a job where she could make her own rules. Now, she uses her fire to equip women to start a business on their own terms. She believes that success is as unique as you are. This week, Jenny and Aurora share the ways that they have developed their business savvy while using their fire without burning out.          

  • Jenny’s inspiring business coaching philosophy.
  • Exploring healthy habits for introverts.
  • Knowing and trusting yourself and your feelings.
  • Jenny’s quiet time habits to help her pay attention to her body and her mind.
  • Harnessing creative fire with coaching systems.
  • The power of social media.


Jenny Recommends

The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle

Jenny’s Website

Jenny’s Free 6 Week Success Without Sacrifice Course

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Jul 24, 2017

Are you more of a rationalist or a spiritualist? Do you ever feel conflicted between the two? This week, Aurora shares how she moved from straddling the woo woo fence to jumping in to get her Reiki Master Certification. 

As intense creative people, we often get stuck up in our heads and many alternative healing practices help get us out of our heads and into our bodies.

In this episode, Aurora describes:

  • How her own health issues have never responded to traditional western medical approaches. 
  • What approaches have worked in her own healing journey. 
  • The importance of community and connection. 


League of Excitable Women

Find Your Superpower

Embracing Intensity Unconference

Jul 17, 2017

When you think of energy—in the world around you, within you, working for you or conspiring against you—do you also think of your intensity as a part of it? Do you shy away from the prospect of healing your body with that intense energy? Have you even considered it? This week, Aurora sits down with friend and energy guide Samantha Brown to work through what it means to embrace the spiritual side of intensity.
Working with Samantha on energy healing was part of the major shift in Aurora’s life. Now is the time to embrace that part of the healing journey, and encourage others to do the same. Alternative healing is powerful, so let’s dive in and see how it all comes together. Samantha shares her personal experience of energy healing, and how that led her abroad to study Eastern medicine, become a devoted yogi, and share her intense passion for energy healing with the world.

Samantha’s intense passion for energy healing stemmed from her personal health journey.

  • Samantha’s experiences in China with energy healing.
  • Emotions behind each physical ailment.
  • Reiki is a tool to use alongside coaching.
  • The phases of healing.
  • Body Talk helps you go beyond crisis healing mode.
  • Cultivating your gifts to unlock your true potential.
  • Working through your shadow self.
  • Kundalini Yoga as a transformative superpower.

Samantha Recommends
The Secret Language of Your Body by Inna Segal
Crystal Goddesses by Lana Fairchild
Many Lives Many Masters by Brian Weiss
Journey of Souls by Michael Newton

Samantha’s Website
Like The Yoga Seed Studio on Facebook!

For Samantha’s Work

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Jul 10, 2017

"You are so smart but..." "You have so much potential, if only..." "you just need to work harder." Are these words triggering for you? After years of being told these things in school, they definitely are for Aurora.

This week, Aurora talks about how despite feeling like she has pretty good self esteem, she still gets that feeling that she's not doing enough. 

In this episode, Aurora shares:

  • A bit of her own journey to discover how to work best with her own strengths and challenges
  • How things that seem "easy" for everyone else can be extremely difficult for her and others like her.
  • Why it's not about "working harder" and more about learning how you work.


Aurora's Website:

Find Your Superpower!

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